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SUGAR - Life is Sweet: Who Knew SUGAR Could Be A Wellness Coaching Tool?

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

Your secret ingredient for personal growth and empowerment.

Life is a sweet concoction of moments, some sugary and delightful, while others are a bit more challenging and bittersweet. As we journey towards wellbeing, it's important to have the right Wellness Coaching tools in our back pocket, ready to sprinkle a little sweetness when the world turns a bit sour.

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Find the wellness coaching tool that's right for you

I was quite naïve before becoming a mum. Blinkered almost. Since having kids I’ve realised a lot about myself. That I need a lot of sleep. That I need my own space. That I like to exercise when I want, go out when I want, sleep when I want, be lazy, be active, be sociable, be solo – all on my terms. So, the adjustment to motherhood actually came as bit of a shock to the system and I’ll be honest, this has been my challenging moment.

I’ve found myself stressed, overwhelmed, majorly triggered by tantrums and frustrated when things haven’t gone my way. In short, I’ve had to learn to chill the F out and release some control or I was headed for burn out.

Becoming a mother leaves no woman as it found her. It unravels her and rebuilds her. It cracks her open, takes her to her edges. It’s both beautiful and brutal, often at the same time. Nikki McCahon

OK, great. So, I acknowledged I needed to change, but I’m a practical girl and I clearly needed a Wellness Coaching tool to turn to when the going really got tough. Enter SUGAR, an acronym that stands for STOP, UNDERSTAND, GRACE, ACCEPT, and REPAIR. It's not about the kind of sugar you'll find in your morning coffee or that tempting dessert in the bakery window. Instead, it's a positive Wellness Coaching tool to equip you against self-judgment, doubt, and the overwhelming moments life occasionally serves up.

We all know those times when our inner critic pipes up, or life throws a curveball our way. Maybe it's a child's unexpected scream or a cancelled date that leaves us feeling disheartened. When these moments strike, it's time to get curious.

So ,what does SUGAR have in store for you?

STOP: When you hear that negative voice inside your head, when your stomach clenches, when your breath quickens – stop right there. This is your cue to take a pause.

UNDERSTAND: Like a detective on a mission, seek to understand the trigger. What set off this emotional response? Was it a passing thought, a phone call, a song, or a child's action? Delve deeper to uncover the source.

GRACE: As you explore, treat yourself with grace and compassion. Understand that it's okay to feel whatever you're feeling in that moment.

ACCEPT: Accept yourself without judgment. Embrace your reactions as a natural part of being human. Don't battle against your feelings; accept them.

REPAIR: You might not be able to change the trigger, but you can always change your response to it. Sometimes, this may require repairing your relationship with yourself or others. It absolutely will require you to use the powerful "IF...THEN..." statement to steer your reactions in a more positive direction next time.

Picture it: IF you find your patience waning when faced with your Childs piercing scream, THEN take a deep, calming breath to regain composure and approach the situation more positively. IF someone's comment threatens to rain on your parade and makes you doubt yourself, THEN pick yourself back up with an empowering mantra like, "I am good enough," brushing off negativity like a superhero's cape, one affirmation at a time. This simple yet powerful tool, known as IF...THEN..., puts you in control, ready to tackle any curveball life tosses your way.

SUGAR is your secret ingredient (AKA Wellness Coaching Tool) for personal growth and empowerment. Join us as we dive deeper into the world of SUGAR and discover how life's challenges can become opportunities for growth and self-acceptance.

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