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Claudia Founder of Minimondo | Health Coach


I'm Claudia, Founder of Minimondo and the creator of our Edited Wellbeing Programs. I set up Minimondo to document my own personal journey to wellbeing after becoming a mother and it soon became a passion. Through my journey I realised that everything in life is a choice - How I wake up every morning and decide to tackle the day ahead is all down to my mindset and my actions, which all comes down to me!

Over 20 years experience!

*IIN qualified health coach

*Level 3 Personal Trainer

*Level 3 Pre & Post Natal Exercise Trainer

*Gym Instructor

*Design Thinking consultant

*Mum of two gorgeous boys

Because of my own journey I wanted to support and inspire pre natal women and beyond on their journey to wellbeing. I've always loved motivating others to be their best, as a Personal Trainer of 15 years, a Managing Director in multiple Advertising Agencies and most importantly as a mum.

I know what it takes to make the positive changes necessary to truly nurture my world, now let’s have some fun and let us empower you to nurture yours.

Claudia Dumond
Founder of Minimondo

We are good

We commit to donating 1% of profits to Laureus Sport for Good. Founded under the Patronage of Nelson Mandela, Laureus Sport for Good uses sport as a powerful and cost-effective tool to help children and young people overcome violence, discrimination and disadvantage in their lives. 

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