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The Best Babysitter In The World

An inspiring short film to educate our children about kindness and perseverance.

Ah silence. You’ve been woken up at 6am by your energetic toddler, you’ve made breakfast, had a coffee, made miniature animals out of play doh, read Dinosaur stories, played Pirates and Princesses, maybe even dabbled in some painting and it’s only 8am! Sooner or later you’re going to need a well-earned break.

Whereas I spent my childhood in front of the TV watching Fraggle Rock, The Dwarfs, My Little Pony and many more, nowadays, the TV is a bit taboo. There’s so much advice out there about not letting your kids sit in front of the telly for too long; it doesn’t help their moods, they’ll end up obese, they’re consuming not creating, let alone what it says about you as a parent!

But let’s get real. TV is fun! How many of hours have you spent watching Netflix and Love Island this week? TV can be educational, inspiring and can open our eyes to places we may never have the chance to visit or it can simply be a bit of fun. The hang up I have is not that my kids watch TV in the first place, it’s what they watch as I find that a lot of kids content may not be age appropriate or of great quality.

I’m not likely to stop my boys watching their favourite TV shows any time soon but as I’m pretty sure they'll pay more attention to an engaging TV programme, than to anything I say, I like to curate great quality, beautifully created content that promotes key values; kindness, empathy, self-belief and confidence and many more, in the hope that they take some positive lessons with them once the TV is switched off. And in turn making my well-earned break less guilt ridden too!

So here’s another gorgeous short film all about kindness and perseverance (simply click on the picture). It teaches us that helping one another can be fulfilling for all, how perseverance can overcome most obstacles and how patience prevails. It’s called Piper and its about a little bird dealing with its fear of the water. It’s heart-warming, inspiring and beautiful – both the visuals and the music too.

So here’s to the world’s best babysitter being educational and inspiring as much as it can be fun. TV is here to stay, let’s reframe and embrace it.


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