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Can We Slow Down Time? I Think We Can, Here's How.

It's becoming clear that when we aren't forced to 'stay at home' life seems to go 10 x faster! So, how do we slow down time and make the most of every minute of our new found freedom? In this edition, we'll be focusing on how to use time more efficiently, so that you're ready to take on the world. Because as the saying goes...

The days are long but the years are short

Tips on How to Use Time More Efficiently

1. Make a schedule: Without a schedule, it's easy to lose track of time and get sidetracked by the million-and-one things that need doing. Don't let your to-do list take over your life - be the boss of your time. Use a planner that you have easy access to every day to keep track of appointments, meetings, and deadlines. And, don't forget to schedule in some time for yourself too! Whether it's a bubble bath, a walk in the park, or a catch-up with friends, make sure to prioritise self-care.

2. Prioritise: Okay, we know you're a superwoman, but even superheroes need to prioritise. When you're juggling work, school runs, after-school activities, and everything in between, it's easy to get overwhelmed. Don't try to do everything at once - it's a recipe for burnout. Instead, identify your most important tasks and focus on those first. And remember, it's okay to ask for help or delegate tasks to other members of the family.

3. Minimise distractions: It's hard to focus when there are so many distractions around. Between social media, emails, and the lure of the fridge, it's a wonder we get anything done at all! But fear not, there are ways to minimise distractions. Turn off your phone notifications, close unnecessary tabs on your computer, and find a quiet place to work. And, if all else fails, put on some noise-cancelling headphones and rock out to your favorite tunes.

4. Learn to say no: We all hate to say no, but sometimes saying no is the kindest thing you can do - both for yourself and others. You don't have to do everything that's asked of you. If it doesn't align with your priorities or values, don't be afraid to say no. It's a small word, but it can make a big difference.

5. Plan the night before: Don't let yourself carried away with your day the minute you wake up - stay in control but making your plan the night before. That way, when you wake up in the morning, you already know where to focus your efforts!

Time is a precious commodity, and it's important to use it wisely. By making a schedule, prioritising, minimising distractions, learning to say no and being intentional the night before, you can make the most of your time and enjoy your new-found freedom. So, go forth and conquer, mums! Take on the world, one task at a time. And don't forget to make time for yourself too - after all, you're the superhero of your own life.

We hope you found these tips helpful! If you have any additional tips on how to use time more efficiently, we would love to hear them. Share your tips in the comments below and let's help each other rock this superhero mum thing.

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