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Building Your Motivation Muscle For Better Wellbeing

Updated: Feb 9

How to use the THINK. DO. FEEL model to help you build your motivation for wellbeing and finally make healthy habits stick.

I was never really very good at science when I was at school. Yes, I loved the Bunsen burner (who didn’t?) and any mini explosions we were allowed to create. But other than that science was always a subject I felt ‘forced’ to study but had no real interest in it.


Cut to 30 years later when the penny finally dropped. Well, science is all about trying new things, testing and learning, pushing boundaries and ultimately, it’s all about finding evidence to support a hypothesis.


Well, have you ever found yourself gazing at that afternoon cookie, tempted to give in, only to surprise yourself by choosing a piece of fruit instead? Or perhaps you conquered the snooze button and hit the gym at 6 am? It's time to celebrate those small wins because those actions are the evidence you need to support your wellbeing success story!


Enter the THINK. DO. FEEL model to building your motivation muscle and making healthy habits stick.

motivation for wellbeing
The Think, Do, Feel Model for Wellbeing

Why is evidence the secret sauce to sticking to new habits?


Huge goals can feel overwhelming, as if you're standing in-front of a mountain that you might never reach the top of, and this feeling can sometimes stop you from even starting to take action. Of course, you can set a big goal, but it's always a good idea to try to break it down into its smallest actions. Why? So that you give yourself a chance of success.


Every time you make a small positive shift—a mini edit—in your daily routine, you're not just saying, "I can do this." You're proving it to yourself. That's right! The more evidence you accumulate, the more compelling the narrative becomes.


Let's break down the keys to building this powerful evidence:


1. Small: Start with Tiny Triumphs


Make your mini edits so small they're nearly impossible to resist. Want to hit the gym? Your initial action is as simple as laying out your workout clothes the night before.


2. Easy Does It: Simplify Your Success


Stack the deck in your favour by making your mini edits ridiculously easy. Can't resist crisps? Don't even buy them. Place a jar of nuts on the counter for a healthier snack option – even if you don’t eat any!


3. Joyful Edits: Infuse Fun Into your Journey


If you look forward to your actions, they're more likely to stick. How about preparing a healthy lunch while indulging in your favourite comedy show? Mixing joy with your mini edits? That's a recipe for success!


4. Aligned Actions: March to the Beat of Your Own Drum


Align your mini edits with the person you aspire to become. Your journey needs a North Star, a clear direction. When your actions align with your purpose, every mini edit becomes a step toward your wellness goals.


So, grab that notebook, jot down your mini edits, and reward yourself with a beaming smiley face every time you conquer one. As those smiley faces accumulate, you'll find it nearly impossible not to bask in the endorphins of your incredible journey to self-love and wellbeing.


In the words of Lao Tzu:

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

Remember, evidence isn't just for scientists. It's the guiding force behind your flourishing wellbeing narrative. 🚀


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