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Breaking All The Rules

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Why scooting doesn't need to be limited to the school run.

Image by Sylvain Dumond

My son looked at me, then down at his scooter and peered curiously through the wired fence. His head slowly moving from left to right absorbing the scene; Kids on scooters, people painting on walls, big boy skateboards jumping and twisting in the air.

Is this place for me?

As he gazed up at me once again we both shrugged our shoulders at the same time.

Why not?!

And in an instant he sprinted off, little bro in tow.

I watched them as they both sped through the wired fence and into the skatepark. They flew up and down the ramps and through the dark little tunnels. No fear.

I watched them as they raced around and around following the other kids, twisting and swerving to avoid collisions. All the while their mouths beaming from cheek to cheek with toothy grins and even letting out the odd “woop woooooop”. I couldn’t help but smile too.

I watched as they grew quickly in confidence; enjoying the thrill of something new, somewhere new. And as they caught their breath they stood and stared at the artist high up on the ladder spraying the wall white.

It was all new. Thrilling.

This was the first of many of our trips to the local skatepark. A place I might once have judged negatively but a place that has, since this first encounter, held a positive and special place in our hearts.

It’s safe, it teaches kids respect for others, it helps builds self confidence (learning new skills like balance, motor skills development, coordination and decision making skills) and even brings unexpected friendships and lots of camaraderie. And of course it’s a great way for the kids to get outdoors and be active.

Image by Claudia Dumond

So, the next time you’re coming home from the school run with the scooters speeding ahead of you, how about taking a little detour? Find your local skatepark and let the kids loose. Oh, and don’t forget to share those instagrammable pics too!

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