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Gorgeous Mama Reboot

It's time to get back to you.

Embark on a transformative journey to holistic wellbeing tailored for mums navigating matrescence and beyond. Gain clarity, direction, and actionable steps in this signature online course. 


About the course.

Feeling stuck or overwhelmed in the whirlwind of motherhood? The Gorgeous Mama Reboot Online Course is your path to reclaiming joy, health, and thriving. Through engaging video content, downloadable activities, meditations, and habit-changing formulas, guided by Claudia Dumond—an experienced health coach with over 20 years of expertise—you'll embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. For just $3.5 a week, invest in your wellbeing and rediscover vitality. Join us today!

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Transform Your Life: Rediscover Joy and Freedom 
For Only $180


What will you get?

3+ hours of coaching from a professional health coach and design thinking practitioner, Claudia Dumond (worth over $200!)

Tailored Wellbeing Plan: Craft a personalised roadmap to holistic wellbeing, aligning with your unique needs and aspirations

Actionable Behavioural Changes: Equip yourself with practical tools and activities for lasting, positive transformations

Self-Paced Learning: Flexibility to work through the course at your own pace

A Shift in Perspective: Transform the way you view your wellbeing and set yourself on a path to joy and fulfilment

Guidance To Achieve Wellbeing Goals: Overcome confusion and uncertainty to reach your desired state of wellbeing

Content, method of presentation and practical exercises were crisp, clear and simple to understand. Claudia has a very pleasing and positive personality which created the right environment”

Manini, UAE

This is for you if

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You're feeling stuck in your life and don't know where to start to make changes

You've spent a long time putting others first and now you're ready to focus on yourself

You feel stressed, anxious or overwhelmed with motherhood and need support

You've lost 'who you are' and want to find that spark in your life again

You need a little bit of support to get you 'back on track' and want to do it in your own time

This is not for you if

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If you're looking for a weight loss or exercise plan. Our focus is on holistic wellbeing. 

You want to change but you're not quite ready to put in the work, consistently.

You already know what you need to do. If you need support, 1:1 coaching might be best.​

You're looking for therapy. This course is about holistic health coaching, it is not therapy.

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Don't compromise yourself, 

you are all you've got.

Janis Joplin

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What's the
course format?


We will take you on a 5 step process through 3+ hours of interactive video content, packed with numerous downloadable activities, meditations, visualisations and habit changing formulas,  delivered by Claudia Dumond, an experienced health coach and design thinking practitioner.  

* Step 1: Hey mama, I see you. A look at some myths we tell ourselves that might be holding you back on your journey to wellbeing

* Step 2: So mama, what's your dream? A deep dive into your wants and needs to direct your wellbeing journey for the next 3 months

* Step 3: Mama, what will you become? An introduction to your tailored wellbeing plan for the next 3 months to help you reboot 

* Step 4: Less mama, More you. A chance to get creative through guided habit changing activities to help you personalise your wellbeing plan in a way that will truly stick in your lifestyle

* Step 5: Becoming the new you. Guided activities to ensure your plan becomes a reality.

Get ready to make change happen!


Change will happen

We have carefully designed the Gorgeous Mama Reboot Online Course to guide you in creating positive long term change. The course will empower you in three key areas:


The Gorgeous Mama Reboot course focuses on positive energy and abundance when defining your journey to wellbeing and carefully guides you to shift your mindset from can't do to can do.


Without action, change will not happen. We introduce concepts throughout the course that empower you to take small actions every single day which all add up to big change. 


 The Gorgeous Mama Reboot course takes you through research backed activities which will enable you to personalise your journey to wellbeing so that you can trust that positive change is possible.


My name is Claudia Dumond.

I'm the founder of Minimondo and the creator of the

Gorgeous Mama Reboot Series.

Over 20 years experience in health and wellness:

* Qualified Health Coach with IIN since 2022

* Level 3 qualified personal trainer since 2007

* Gym instructor since 2000

* MD of an Advertising Agency 

* Busy mum who has struggled with the expectations of motherhood until I took myself through the Gorgeous Mama Reboot program!

I'm passionate about helping mothers rediscover their spark and live a life full of joy and freedom. Having experienced the transformative power of the Gorgeous Mama Reboot program firsthand, I'm dedicated to supporting you on your journey to wellbeing. Let's embark on this journey together!

Claudia from Minimondo Wellbeing programs
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